Let's talk about growlers, shall we? WHAT IS A GROWLER?

Growlers date back to the late 19th and early 20th century where people would use growlers as a way to take beer home before bottling beer was commonplace. People would take buckets to the local bar where they would fill them with beer from the tap and take it home.

Even without the history, the growler would probably have risen out of today's brewpub scene. Many brewpubs do not bottle or can any of their beer so the growler is the only option for bringing their beer home. Those brewers that do bottle, don't bottle all of the different styles that they brew, especially the one-off beers. It is a great way for brewpubs to let their customers spread the word about their beer and customers love to take home a bit of the great new beer they just discovered.

Just a couple tips for the best growler experience:

-Once capped, you're brew will last for up to a month.
-When pouring your beer, there's a layer of Co2 that we add to purge the air from the growler.
-After opening your growler, pour and recap it quickly to try keep as much air out and preserve the Co2.
-Once opened, please consume your beer within 48-72 hours.

How to clean your growler:

-Once your growler is empty, rinse it with water only and turn it upside down to try.
-If you begin to notice any odd smells or residue in your growler, try adding a little vinegar or clorox and mix it with hot water. Then give it a good shake.
-When cleaning your growler, please avoid using soap as it can leave a residue that could effect the taste of your next pour.

Any other questions? Stop by and speak to our experts! We are more than happy to help!
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